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Each artist works in unique media and welcomes special requests.

Raku Ceramics

My work has developed over the years in response to the powerful landscape around me and to a feeling of connection with the passage across the land of its past inhabitants. I make mostly functional forms, boxes, bowls, jars, rather direct representation of the landscape, be...

Handwoven Textiles

My current work is a collection of one off, hand woven and beautifully finished scarves. The fibres are 100% fine cotton and the colours are a combination of indigo blues, violets, pinks, and deep corals giving beautiful, rich tones. The scarves have a fine handle and lovely...

Cast Glass

My work is informed by the drama of the natural landscape, in that the imagery is transient, ephemeral and dynamic.

Latest work are abstract paintings - of deep, rich, luscious colours and bubbles ‘frozen in motion’ - that look different from every perspective. Cast inside mirror-like glas...

Fine Art, Unofficial, Outlander Prints

Steven's fine art prints rely on traditional painterly skills of composition, light, colour and narrative. We love his stories behind the scenes of filming Outlander in our town!

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Timeless Landscapes...

Mark is never far away from inspiration, whether that be bagging a munro, passing a castle or loch, or standing beneath the aurora lights.

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Alpaca Experience

Samantha found her first inspiration for luxury fabrics and traditional craftsmanship in Nepal from where she imported cashmere from a small hand weaving cooperative. But it was on discovering alpaca, that she found her niche. Samantha travelled to Peru to make contact with small produce...

Architectural Watercolours

Humanity has made astounding progress by creating and reading “maps” of reality out of language, numbers, and images, but we run an ever more dangerous risk of mistaking these maps for the land.


With a back...

Printing making

My work is inspired by the turbulence of coastal scenes. I like to experiment with mark making and textures.

Coming soon: Truly Imaginative Jewellery

Understated elegance... Tracy's jewellery strikes a unique balance of bold and confident, yet subtle and quiet.